My name is Oliver Lahr,

Building websites can have many purposes but in general it should be built light weight, with the features you need and should have the future in mind.
Entrepreneurs who want to growth their business should choose the right platform and tools for them self and their customers experience. The cost effectiveness is also a big part as many other services have hidden costs, as your business is growing your costs will growth, too – but the cost growing proportions are the key.

My Services

Launch or Re-Launch

Analysing your needs for your online presence. We plan your current needs and we leave room for future expansion as business needs can change in the future and a flexible structure makes it easy to implement new technology (future proofing) if needed.


You have an existing website and it is limited, running slow and/or is buggy? You are missing important features? You want complete control over your website and try to keep the costs down?

I will figure it out and assess adequate steps.


You are busy focusing on advertisement, customer relationship and/or writing content and you have to deal with the technical aspect of it? Don’t let your self be overwhelmed and drained!

We master the thing together 🙂


Testimonial Period Whisperer

I wanted to migrate my website to Wordpress having pushed the boundaries of the capabilities of my drag and drop website host. Everyone in all the business and entrepreneur groups insisted it was easy, anyone could do it.

I spent a year and a half struggling before Ollie came on board and saved my sanity. He set up my website, researched the best solutions for what I wanted rather than insist on the same as everyone else’s because he wanted to make sure that I had the right solution for me.

He has also shown me how to use Wordpress so I can add and amend things myself as well as deal with my endless questions on how things work. I wouldn’t have gotten here without him, and all the stress and overwhelm is gone.

Rachel Dutton from the


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